Tampa Bay Velocity Softball is committed to molding great young women and great athletes into champions, on the field, in the classroom and in the community. Our goal as a team and organization is to be the top travel ball organization both academically a

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Tampa, Fl
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Question:  Where are the playing fields location?

Answer: The Velocity organization has several locations throughout the state of Florida and nationally. However our league locations are:
7002 W. Hanna Ave. Tampa, Florida 33637
15840 Greenglen Lane. Spring Hill, Florida 34610.
Our travel club teams play at a variety of field locations throughout the state and nationally.
Question: Are all games played at these locations?

Answer: Some of our league divisions will play interlocking schedules with other parks. Therefore games will be played at both our park location and theirs. However teams registered at our Tampa location will play against other parks in Tampa and teams registered at our Spring Hill location will play against parks in Spring Hill respectively. Select Travel Teams will play at various locations.
Question: What will I need to purchase for the season?

Answer: A jersey and shorts is included with our league registration. Players will need to provide a batting helmet with a face mask, mouth piece, bat, glove, cleats and socks. Our select travel teams must purchase their uniforms separately, and provide their own batting helmet with facemask, bat, glove, cleats, socks and catchers must provide their own catching equipment.
Question: What do I need to register?

Answer: You will need to complete an online registration on our website. You will also need a digital image of your childs birth certificate. You can scan your child's birth certificate and then upload it to our website during registration.
Question: How long is the season?

Pony League Fall Season - practices for our fall season will start typically the second week of September with games ending the second week of November.

Pony League Spring Season - Practices for the spring season will begin in February and the season will end in the second week of May.

Travel Select Season - This season begins January 1st of each year and ends December 31st of that same year.
Question: How often are practices and what time will they be?

Answer: Practices are determined by each individual coach, so be sure to discuss any scheduling conflicts such as vacations etc. Select teams will typically publish their schedules on our website and parents are players must plan their schedules around the select teams schedule.
Question: When are the games and what times will they be played?


League Games will vary depending upon the number of registered players in each division. Typically each team will play one week night game and one game on Saturday. Times are also dependent upon the number of registered players.

Select Teams games will also vary depending on each tournament. Typically games are played on Saturdays however if a team has entered a showcase event games can be played on Thursdays and Fridays. Depending on how a team does during their seeding games will determine what times they play on Sundays. Most tournaments start at 8am on Sunday and run throughout the day depending on how many teams are entered into that division for that tournament. Select Teams typically only play on weekends, but will also play the majority of that weekend.